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2021 - 2021-05-30

Disclosure of Beneficial Owners

Government Notice No. 391 and No. 386 of 14th May 2021, were published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, to the effect that all companies are required to disclose beneficial owners.

This is the result of the Amendment of section 2 of the Companies Act, 2002 (the Act) by the Finance Act of 2020 to include the Beneficial Owners as one of the requirements to be reported to the Registrar of the Companies (the Registrar). Following this, the Companies (Beneficial Ownership) Regulations, 2021 (the regulations) came into operation.

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2021 - 2021-04-23

Tanzania: Update on the Companies Act (January 2002)

The Bill proposes amendments to various laws including the Companies Act, 2002 (the Act) which is the focus of this alert.

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2021 - 2021-04-22

Tanzania Tax Alert: Qualification for Tax Deduction

Entities may face a challenge to demonstrate that their expenses incurred meet the qualifying test of wholly and exclusive principle as provided under the Tanzanian tax laws.

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2021 - 2021-03-31

Kenya: Voluntary Tax Disclosure Program

You now have a chance to have your penalties waived if you disclose your past tax liabilities.

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2021 -2021-01-14

Rwanda: Tax Alert on New Transfer Pricing Rules, 2020

Ministerial Order No. 003/20/10/TC of 11/12/2020 Establishing General Rules on Transfer Pricing came into effect on 14 December 2020 with the publishing of Official Gazette No. 40 of 2020. For the first time, Rwanda now has elaborate TP rules which are consistent with international practice.

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Worldwide Tax Guides -2020-11-17

PKF Worldwide Tax Guide

PKF International Limited has released the 2020-2021 PKF Worldwide Tax Guide (WWTG) to provide international businesses with the answers to these key tax questions.

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2020 -2020-07-17

PKF Kenya 2020 - 2021 Quick Tax Guide

The Tax Guide includes amendments up to and including the Finance Act 2020 and the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020

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2020 -2020-07-10

Amendments Non-Citizen (Employment Regulation) ACT, 2015.

Electronic System Application and Issuance of Work Permits Legalized.

For the past two months, the work permits have been issued electronically however, the same was not provided for in the law. Probably that was to test the efficiency of the system (testing stage).

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2020 -2020-07-08

Retirement Benefit Schemes: Risk Review and Management considering the impact of Covid-19

COVID-19 continues to expand its global impact on individuals, businesses, communities and governments. Businesses are navigating through numerous interrelated issues affecting operations, employee welfare, cash and liquidity. The dynamic nature of this pandemic makes it hard to assess what will happen next.

This communique is to assist the pension schemes to manage financial and liquidity risks. The Retirement Benefits Authority has given a waiver of penalties on late submission of audited accounts as well as human capital risks to give ample time for scheme staff to prepare and approve audited accounts when navigating through the change in working environment.

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2020 -2020-07-05

Kenya Tax Alert Issue No.6 of 2020 - Finance Act 2020

The Finance Act, 2020 was assented into law by the President on 30 June 2020 with a majority of the proposals in the Finance Bill, 2020 being enacted. Our tax alert analyses the Finance Act, 2020 and clarifies the effective dates for each of the amendments.

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