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New Public Benefit Organizations Act 2013 Enacted in Kenya

The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and National Administration has officially designated 14 May 2024 as the commencement date for the Public Benefit Organizations Act, 2013 (PBO Act). This significant legislation will replace the existing Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act, 1990 (NGO Act). Organizations currently operating under the NGO Act will have until 13 May 2025 to register as a public benefit organization under the new PBO Act.
Key Changes and Implications of the PBO Act:
  • Transition Period: Entities have a one-year window from 14 May 2024 to 13 May 2025 to comply with the new registration requirements.
  • Regulatory Shift: The PBO Act introduces a new regulatory framework, aiming to streamline operations and enhance accountability for public benefit organizations in Kenya.
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