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Our methodologies are developed and continuously updated to meet and exceed international standards. We have stringent quality control procedures including independent partner reviews, internal quality assurance monitoring and external quality assurance monitoring from both PKF International and our regulators. You can therefore be assured of quality services from us.


Our approach to delivery of professional services is tailored extensively based on the business, accounting, financial and ICT risks that you and your organization faces. We achieve this through service plans developed with your close involvement. This gives you the comfort and the confidence that our approach will focus on the areas that are important to you and your organization.


As member firms of PKF International, our firms in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda have served clients across diverse industries and sectors since 1964. PKF International is a global family of legally independent firms bound together by a shared commitment to quality, integrity and the creation of clarity in a complex regulatory environment. The PKF family consists of over 400 offices, operating in 150 countries across 5 regions. We bring to you through this family not only local knowledge, but also global expertise. 


We differentiate ourselves from other professional firms on the basis of extensive partner involvement in the services from planning to completion and by guaranteeing that you will have direct access to your engagement partner. A partner led service delivery ensures that in addition to the specific reporting requested for, you will receive value added insights and recommendations. ​



We understand and appreciate that you will be looking for value adding insights and recommendations from your service provider. Our services are planned to meet this expectation and therefore include specific focus on areas of interest and value addition.



We believe in constant communication and collaboration with your team; and a no surprises approach to the professional services. We will work with you to achieve efficient service delivery and will remain flexible to deal with any challenges that may arise. We will understand your reporting timetable well in advance and will work towards meeting it.