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PKF firms in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan are member firms of PKF Global, the network of member firms of PKF International Limited, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions of any individual member or correspondent firms.

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We have a unique understanding of the local markets that enables us to offer holistic, innovative and relevant business solutions, taking into account the distinct market forces and constraints that come into play within the region.

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Workshop Invite: NGO Compliance in the Rift Valley Region

PKF Kenya LLP invites you for a one-day workshop dubbed: Improving Compliance with Law and Regulations and Financial Reporting, targeting NGOs in the Rift Valley Region.

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PKF Kenya LLP - 2022/2023 Budget Review

The Honourable Ambassador and Cabinet Secretary for National Treasury, Mr. Ukur Yatani, tabled the Kenya National Budget for the 2021/2022 financial year before the National Assembly on 07/04/2022. 

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