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Government & Public Sector Advisory

Economic challenges, urbanisation, globalisation, global warming, climate change and security among other critical issues are some of the key challenges facing governments and public sector.

We help governments improve performance, meet policy and service delivery goals efficiently, and be accountable and responsive. We work with those responsible for setting and implementing government-wide policy: devolved governments, central governments, line ministries, government implementing agencies and parastatals.

We work with global PKF firms to offer solutions based on best international practices derived from assignments carried out in other parts of the world where PKF has successfully helped governments implement their reform agenda.

We simplify public sector transformation by providing best-value tailored solutions that resonate with the needs of governments and citizenry.

What we offer

  • Public financial management
  • Public expenditure and financial accountability
  • Public procurement advisory
  • Policy research and analysis
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Institutional assessments and capacity building
  • Governance, policy advice and strategic planning
  • Fiduciary risk management
  • Governance transformation/performance
  • Governance training programmes
  • Privatisation
  • Project audits and monitoring
  • Financial management agency