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2024 Taxation Trainings

2024 Taxation Trainings

We are pleased to share with you a series of training sessions tailored to address key aspects of taxation that could significantly impact you and your business.

The training series covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Employment Taxes and Other Compliance Matters as per the Employment Act.

  • In-depth Analysis of Indirect Taxes and Strategies for Overcoming Compliance Challenges.

  • Taxation and Incentives Affecting the Expansion of Manufacturing Industries in Kenya.

  • Assessing the Post-COVID Taxation Landscape in the Agriculture Sector in Kenya.

  • Comprehensive Examination of Direct and Indirect Taxes.

  • Strategies for Enhancing Tax Compliance.

  • Insights into Tax Litigation Procedures.

  • Taxation of Not For Profit Organizations (NPOs).

  • Evaluating the Tax Environment for the Flower Sector in Kenya.

  • Annual Tax Conference.

For detailed information on talking points, locations, dates, timing and fees, please refer to the calendar.

To reserve your spot, simply click on the link provided below and select the training(s) you wish to attend:

We look forward to your participation and meaningful engagement in these enlightening sessions.

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