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Company Secretarial Services

Company secretarial work is a highly legalistic area that becomes ever more complex and time-consuming as the company grows. Moreover, failure to comply fully can lead to companies being struck off and even to the prosecution of directors.

Delegating this complex work to our expert team lets you concentrate on your core business, secure in the knowledge that you are compliant. Depending on your specific needs, PKF in Eastern Africa can take care of the whole job or just the more complex procedures.

Our qualified company secretaries combine practical experience with technical knowledge of all relevant areas of regulation, both in Eastern Africa and overseas. We keep up-to-date with developments through our membership of professional groups. As a team, we are familiar with a wide range of industry sectors and services, understanding the specific needs of each.

Our company secretarial services include:

Incorporation for public and private limited and unlimited companies, branches of overseas entities and limited liability partnerships

  • Acting as company secretary through a nominee company, including for public companies
  • Acting as a registered office
  • Services for inward investors, including advice on regulatory obligations in East African countries
  • Care and maintenance of statutory records for the full annual cycle including the preparation of annual returns, annual general meeting minutes, filing of accounts and the maintenance of registers which each company must keep by law
  • Preparation for and attendance at board meetings
  • Change of name, including ensuring the name is acceptable to the Registrar
  • Appointment and resignation of directors and secretary
  • Organisation of annual and extraordinary general meetings, including canvassing and counting proxy votes and holding a poll
  • Acting as scrutineers for a poll
  • Issue and allotment of new shares, including defining the rights attached to shares
  • Reorganisations/reduction of share capital, reduction of share premium account
  • Share transfers, including payment of stamp duty and applications for relief of duty, administration of share option schemes
  • Purchase by a company of its own shares and financial assistance for purchase
  • Updating and drafting of special provisions in the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Reviewing shareholders' agreements or arranging for drafting of shareholders’ agreements with appropriate lawyers
  • Re-registration - private to public, public to private, limited to unlimited
  • Dissolutions and restorations
  • Company searches

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